English Situated Learning Room

Devices in the lab

  •  6 single beam projectors
  •  6 short throw lenses for single beam projectors
  •  1 Rear projection high gain screen  
  •  7 Panorama multiple projector processors
  •  1 Digital DVD recorder
  •  2 UHF wireless microphones 

Training courses conducted in the lab

  • English Listening Training / English Oral Communication
  • English communication for specific purposes
  • Career English
  • Second Foreign Language

Other activities preformed in the lab

  •  Practice for business and professional speaking
  •  Briefings, lecturers, presentations, and teacher training workshops
  •  LiveDVD tutorial guide
  •  Second foreign language training and cultural learning
  •  Toastmasters International
  •  Pop-up quizzes on English listening and oral communication
  •  English contests