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Live DVD

  1. Live DVD is a multi-media English learning support system that engages students through interactive language learning via a shared network featuring a wide variety of English films online.
  2. The subtitles from the movies have been converted into a text database that can be searched, edited, saved, or even classified and highlighted according the level of difficulty.
  3. Students can watch movies with bilingual subtitles, while utilizing features such as the built-in dictionary and practice exercises. They can also save and sort new words or sentences they like. The words can be translated into Chinese with merely one mouse click.
  4. By clicking on any sentence in the subtitle area, the student can instantly locate the point in the movie when the sentence is spoken. Combined with the searching function, the students can easily find any sentence they want.

Download Live DVD

To download Live DVD, go to the STUST student e-portal system (students, faculty).

Click the net center information link for campus authorized download.

Please remember that this software can only be accessed with a campus IP address.