Global English, and go global

                                          Global English Cloze Game (3) 解答

A. against

B. age

C. agency

D. ago

E. agree

F. ahead

G. aid

H. again

I. aim

J. air


1.         Let’s aim for four new stores opening by the end of next year. (I)

2.         She could drive at the age of 15. (B)

3.         Both David and Mike agree that we need to change the title of the report. (E)

4.         I can’t believe it’s already time to get my haircut again.(H)

5.         The air here is really dry. (J)

6.         I came to Taiwan fifteen years ago.(D)

7.         Susan needs to contact the agency in charge of visas. (C)

8.         The university is straight ahead on the left. (F)

9.         It will be exciting to watch the Monkeys play against the Lions in the baseball game. (A)

10.     It is important to know first aid. (G)